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Why Boxupp

DevOps Tools Vagrant, Puppet and Docker

Our motivation to develop this tool is to provide an unified interface to the developers to efficiently manage their development environments and focus on coding instead of putting infrastructures in place. Therefore, we have brought together tools like Vagrant, Puppet and Docker under one roof. Initially we started with VirtualBox for creating and provisioning infrastructure locally and are now focussing on supporting other platforms like Amazon Cloud and Google Compute.

Let's take a quick overview

Boxupp Vagrant Intelligence

Inbuilt Vagrant Intelligence

You do not need to learn Vagrant syntax. Boxupp knows what vagrant commands to run, how to achieve to bring your dashboard box states in sync with the real infrastructure at the backend. Enjoy vagrant features and Boxupp will take care of rest !

Puppet Forge Integration

Boxupp supports around 2.8k+ modules from Puppet Forge. You can search and download a required module from the Puppet Forge repository and link it with any of the boxes defined in your Boxupp Dashboard.

Boxupp Puppet Forge repository
DevOps Docker and VirtualBox Workspace

Manage multiple workspaces in your browser

Super easy to create workspaces using providers viz. Docker and VirtualBox. Navigate effortlessly from one workspace to the other. Define boxes, modules, scripts within your workspaces and much more.

Share your virtual environments over github

Share your infrastructure as code on Github from within your Boxupp's control panel. This will help you collaborate, get feedback, get contributions from your team members or peer groups which will help in seamless development across teams.

Boxupp Github Workspace